Highlight your product or company in one fell swoop. Nooïzer is a unique opportunity to get into the hands of a large audience.

the one and only genuine original

Nooïzer, the world's leading player in clappers.

Nooïzer offers sponsors a unique opportunity to advertise. Supporters use the nooïzer extensively during the game and after the game it is taken home as memorabilia.

Why you should choose Nooïzer

Ultimate ambience maker

Support your team or player with clapping the Nooïzer.

Eco-friendly and protected desing

Nooïzer is registered with the General Patent and Trademark Office, the only original clapper.

Brand Awareness

The perfect way to increase your brand awareness. Because your message is visible to all supporters and audiences at high-traffic venues, your company gets much more exposure in a short period of time.

'PLAY with atmosphere!'